One Toulouse and one Cotton Patch

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    These girls are inseperable. They are born just a couple days apart and they have grown up together. I want to have them go to a forever home and they MUST stay together. I live in Southern CA and am going to loose my home so finding these girls the perfect home is of my utmost concern, They are almost 8 mo old and I have seen no eggs yet. These are the only two geese I have and they dont mix well with others. They are not imprinted. They recognize me , and I can pick them up, but they prefer not to be picked up. Neither one has ever nipped or bitten me ever but again we have all grown up together. I live alone so they only know me. They have each other. They really do not socialize with my dogs or chickens at all. So if you are close then let me know the situation and your homelife. What kind of life would they have? Thanks for considering these girls.
    The cotton patch is purebred and her name is DOLLFACE the touloyse is purebred her name is GORGOUSE GIRL

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