One Very Angry Broody


Bambrook Bantams
6 Years
Apr 15, 2013
Forrest Beach, FNQ, Australia
Hey folks

Just sharing some pictures I took yesterday of Blondie [aka Blondzilla].

Blondie is the sweetest little gal when not broody and you can pick her up anytime you like, she loves cuddles and natters away to you constantly while following you around.

However, when broody, Blondie becomes Blondzilla! As we have reached critical chicken mass, she is not going to be able to have her wish and this is her reaction. I forgot to put on my gloves yesterday and she drew blood. She will chase you across the lawn and attempt to amputate toes!

Not Broody .....

Broody ......

Hubby offered her a meal worm and this was her reaction ....

They do make a terrible noise - kinda cuts right through you. Despite the noise, my broody hens don't try and peck me, even if i pick them up (not that they are impressed). I got so cheesed off with having 4 hens going broody every 10 seconds that i sold 3 of them last weekend. I now have laying breeds and kept one broody as she plays the unwitting role of surrogate mum and is the alpha hen.

Tee hee …. Thank you all for your kind comments, Blondie is a bit of cutie .. not so much Blondzilla though

Trust me CTKen when I was woken at 04:45am by Blondzilla and her mum GodCilla [Cilla] apparently auditioning for the lead roles in Blondzilla Meets GodCilla, I had thoughts of rehoming some chickens also
However, they are my pets and my babies so don’t tell them I said this, but no chance of that happening.

Be careful what you wish for AuntNomi

Blondzilla has spent two days in the broody breaker, getting to sleep with her flock mates on the roost of an evening .. we shall see how she goes tomorrow.

She did have company today though, GodCilla was in a broody breaker right next door. GodCilla is actually OK with people when she is broody, not so much her flock mates; she makes their life unbearable. Besides Cilla, the only other gal without a bruised comb is Dusty and that is only because Cilla can’t reach it!
Cilla was last broody 4 weeks/11 eggs ago .. she goes broody anywhere between 8 and 12 eggs after the last bout

Ah .. the joys of broodiness .. bring on our Winter! [Only 4 or so months to go!]

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