One week since they arrived...

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    Apr 18, 2010
    And so far, so good! I'm proud of the little CX chicks - I was thinking that this was going to be way harder than it is!

    So...stats....they hatched last Wednesday, shipped and finally arrived Saturday morning. I ORDERED 25 - but only 21 arrived and one died that same night (the power went out and it got a little chilly in here). All together they weighed 2.1 pounds the day of arrival, got some sav-a-chick vitamins in their water and were started on 20% medicated feed because that's what I have available to me at the feed store.

    Called Welp Monday and got a refund on the MIA chicks - also asked because I have 5 - ONLY 5 - that are lightly spotted - she's not sure, but thinks that they are out of a different strain of broilers ? IDK...I just know at that point I was hoping I got the right order - didn't want someone else in another state wondering why their "leghorns" were doubling in size so fast you know? that straight....

    Last week they got to spend one day outside as it was close to 90 degrees! Then, a cold front came and they have been back in the brooder - but they LOVED the day in the grass chasing bugs in the tractor! I love watching chickens play, they remind me of little velociraptors off of Jurassic Park! I was quite pleased to see that these chickens were acting like normal chickens too!

    Fast forward to today, Saturday again, and I weighed as a group again because that's easier - I now have about 9.5 pounds of chicken! I couldn't tell you how much feed they have gone through, they drink as a group close to a gallon of water a day though. I also went ahead and put another pack of vitamins in the water today - I have one runty looking one, it happens, and the chicks with the light spots as a group are smaller than the rest (I weighed in sets of 5 because that was easier and all 5 weighed less than the other sets of 5) I'm kinda wondering if they are the "slow growing" broilers that Welp offers - just the spotted ones, not the rest.

    Does the weight sound right for the group? Any thoughts are appreciated [​IMG]

    Overall, I'm pleased. Kinda sad about the one we lost and not getting 25 to start with, but things happen. I'd bet someone somewhere at a post office snuck out a couple chicks for the kids to play with at home - and didn't realize what they were getting! I'm watching for a post in the chicks part that says "Our 4 chicks are growing way too fast!" I'd have to ask if they work for the US postal service, because then I'll know .... [​IMG] But anyways...SO FAR at least, they really don't act any different than a normal chick to me. They eat, sleep, poop - maybe they do more of it than a normal chick as far as the eating and pooping part goes but I can't tell at this age, also, they don't really smell all that bad either! I was expecting MAJOR stink factor...but not so...I can't really tell they're even here hardly besides the chirping. I know as time goes on that too will change, but for now at least, they seem just like chickens.

    I'll keep ya'll posted, update this and such - but I'm headed out now to go do stuff in the yard while it's sunny and warm [​IMG] Just wanted to say how pleased I am with these little guys! I really was worried it was going to be harder than raising normal laying chickens...but at this stage at least, it isn't [​IMG]

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