One wk old Pekin Ducklings size compared to same age Turkey Poults (?) also sexing

Oz Chook

13 Years
Nov 11, 2007
Western Australia
Hi all,

I've had and hatched lots of chickens (putting eggs under broodies) but I decided to get Turkeys and Ducks this time.

Now I've seen the size of both of my chicks Mamma and Pappa and the size difference was huge, with Turkeys being on the huge side of huge!

My babies seem to be the opposite way round, the ducks are a lot larger and heavier than the Turkeys. Will the turkeys just suddenly shoot up and grow quickly at some stage?

Also is there a way of telling the difference between the boys and girls of both? I tried the 'vent' thing and according to that they are all girls - I'm more guessing (and hoping) I didn't do it properly....

With the ducks, one has more orange beak and feet that the other, but I haven't seen any distinguishing differences with the turkeys.

These ones are new ground for me so I hope I don't become a Backyard 'pest'!

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