one young drake with 6 older ladies...fertility rate?

Discussion in 'Ducks' started by spish, Jul 6, 2011.

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    i always thought i only had one drake...'Duke' who sadly died last month...he'd been sick for a while and id never seen him busy with the ladies. shortly before Duke died we'd been given a few younger ducks....i posted on here asking what sex did people think they were.....the general opinion was all girls.
    but...seems we were all flourished into a beautiful drake. i sold the younger girls and kept Duke the 2nd for the ladies. Duke 2nd is now about 7 months old and ive seen him do the nittygritty with the girls.... but will he be mature enough to do the job right?
    out of the 6 older girls 5 are now broody and sitting on eggs. i guess im just wondering whether to expect babies or not...each girl has between 10 and 16 eggs under her (so say around 65 eggs in total thereabouts) should i be getting excited or should i be looking for fertile eggs to put under them from a more reliable source?

    edited to add the are muscovies if that make any difference
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    Ususally if he's doing it right, you;re fine. Assumming he was with the ladies prior to them laying the eggs.
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