one young hen dead and another sick - need suggestions for the cause

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    May 8, 2008

    I am very new to owning hens. I am slowly building my flock. I had 2 hens (buff orpingtons I believe) for about 6 days. Then one morning I went out and the smaller of the two (they were about 2 months old I think) was dead. Its body didn't look mangled at all so I'm pretty sure it was not predater related - also the other one seemed just fine. That evening my friend brought me another hen but my first one started to act funny later that evening. Not like herself. Not as friendly/active and when I moved her to a pen with taller chicken wire because the new girl kept getting out of my other one, she didn't flap her wings when I let go and landed with a bit of a thud. I thought maybe her foot/leg was hurt but she got up right away and walked around. Then my friend brought over the chicken house/tractor he made but it was after dark and I figured the hens were half asleep so I didn't think too much when the hens weren't active as I put them on their new roosts. This morning the hen was on the floor of the coop - like she had fallen off. She looked dead but opened her eyes for me. I washed out the water bucket in case it was that. My friend with hens has her now and said that throughout the day she has been improving - sitting up now. For the week I have had them they have only been free-ranging in my garden (abt 90 sq ft) and lawn. One gal I asked who has hens told me that hens will die if not fed or allowed to free range grains - but I know hens that are only fed grains in the winter months. I just had a thought. I needed to put them in a kennel for one night (Wednesday - so 3 days before the first died) and there was some hay that had gotten wet. Could they have eaten some of it or breathed mold and that killed one and made the other sick? I'm really worried that my garden could have made them sick - I mean we eat out of that garden and I work hard to keep it organic.

    Thanks for reading all of this and for any suggestions you might have. I don't want to get any more hens until I figure out how to keep them alive!
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    I'm sorry for your loss, is it possible your young chickens are eating something they shouldn't of eaten in the garden?. I really don't know what else it could be. [​IMG] I hope it doesn't happen again to the other. Let us know?

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