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  1. Many times I post recipes that use Asian ingredients: Mae Ploy Sweet and Hot sauce, Sesame Oil (in affordably sized bottles) and so on. Heck I was spoiled in California with San Francisco just a short drive away and the small chain of Ranch 99 asian markets right near me. I've been lucky to find a small Asian grocery near me but their inventory is very limited. Yesterday the wife showed me a great recipe for a soup I'm going to make us tonight that uses Soba noodles, cut up cubes of sweet potato, cabbage and scallions in a chicken stock soup base. It got me thinking about miso soup base and the wonderful variations you can make with miso paste. Miso paste is fermented soya beans (put simply - there are many types of miso paste). If you've ever been to a Japnese restaurant and been served that simple but satisfying soup of seaweed, tofu and scallions in a broth - miso paste is what that broth is made from. There are many variations.

    Anyway I went hunting for miso paste online and found a great online Asian grocery - if you order over $25.00 Fed Ex Ground shipping is on $5.00 - and for me spending over $25.00 for basic items I need in my cupboard is easy. Check them out. If you have any questions you see and aren't sure about it, post here or PM me. OK ??

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  2. Here's the recipe for the soba noodle soup with cabbage, sweet potatoes and scallions (or chives). We slurp this kind of dinner up gratefully, especially with more snow and cold in the forecast. I'm sure some substitutions could be arranged if you don't have soba noodles (actually fettucine would work pretty well in this - it's my go to noodle of choice when making chicken noodle soup).
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    I will be checking that site out today thanks!
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    Thanks Mike! I hate making the drive to the asian market unless I have a HUGE list of things. And since they have become so popular in the last couple of years, I've noticed their prices going up... and this is a 45 minutes drive for me!

    I have to check this out. I can't live without rice vinegar, fish sauce and thai spices on hand. [​IMG]

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