Online Chicken Show! (Ends December 23)

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  1. hello! Welcome to the online chicken show! this is a fun place to show your chickens and see who likes them best.
    Also, if you want to be a juge, or see the rules, look below!
    *Pm me if you want to be a juge.
    * be nice
    * have fun!

    Let the show begin!

  2. Eddy:










  3. nice!

  4. Alright [​IMG]

  5. Oreo looks really cute!
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  6. Angel16

    Angel16 Songster

    This is Jewels :) ( I hope its okay if i post more then one hen?)



    Jewels :)

  7. chick lovers

    chick lovers Songster

    Mar 7, 2013
    With my chickens.







    [​IMG]Mr. B

    [​IMG]Optical illusion in front, Bent comb in back

    [​IMG]Optical illusion again.
  8. [​IMG]
    Pure English Silver Laced hen........

  9. you can post more than one hen or rooster [​IMG]
    Pretty hens to :)

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