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8 Years
Sep 2, 2011
Search 'online poultry shows ' to find us....

Entries for this month close on the 10th of September

New format for next month, with a chance to win a feeder & drinker

We have lots of gorgeous rosettes to win, plus medals & sashes.

Rosette for best waterfowl.

Classes are

Any pure breed female soft feather & hard feather

Any pure breed male soft feather & hard feather - entries for classes 1 & 2 will be split hard feather/ soft feather if enough entries

True Bantams


Any poultry subject inc. ducks, geese, turkeys, chicks, ducklings, broodies etc.... Rosettes to 10th in this class =]

Judges choice

Overseas entries welcome

Pop over to face book to see what we are about, leave any questions you have on my wall & I will do my best to answer them - have a look at this months entries too. (copy & paste the link)

We hope you will join in the show

Karen Pimlott

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