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  1. I saw my sister do this so I decided to do one myself. I was born in the Philippines. It was a definitely fun expereince there even without internet. You are more active there and you see kids play all day in the daytime. It was an excellent sight to see.I moved to America at the age of 2.It didn't take me a while to learn English to be honest.I was a fast learner.
  2. Today,I just played Seaman. The fish-man thingy disturbed me a bit.Now what really disturbed me...I don't even want to tell you.It scarred me forever e_e.
    Yeah I'm telling you! It was very,very disturbing. I was just sitting there when it happened! It scarred me for life! I just looked at the screen,frozen.Can't even move! I was just to shocked to see that.I didn't expect that to happen!
  3. When I was 7 during Halloween,I was pretending to be a pikachu.And guess what? I crossed a boy wearing an Ash Ketchum(or was it Red?) costume! We just looked at each other for a few seconds and then he said,"Pikachu use thunderbolt!"
    He actually takes this seriously.He told me to make a pikachu noise and pretend that I'm doing the attack.I did as I was told.What a coincidence!

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  4. Ok then seriously. Uum, try not to tell my sister, but I stole her uum magazine. And by magazine I mean her weapon.Pepper spray.

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