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    May 19, 2015
    So I've been looking a lot at different breeds and pricing and am confused it seems as if I order my chicks online they are quite a bit cheaper than if I go to a local hatchery/breeder in my area. It seems to be a difference of $2-7 vs $10-30. I've never ordered live animals online.

    Is ordering live chicks online an acceptable way to get chicks? What are the pros cons?

    Why is it so much cheaper compared to going and picking out your own in person and transporting them yourself?
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    Mar 3, 2015
    I've always stopped by my local Tractor Supply and bought chicks, they are basically the same amount (2.50 a chick) as a online hatchery. Online Hatcheries are cheaper then local breeders though because they sell bulk and hatch a lot of chicks. Also hatcheries online give you the option to ship or pick them up, if you live near one I would pick them up. Some cons could be you have to order a minimum of 15-25 chicks (depending on hatchery) in one order so you may get more then you want. Chicks have a better chance of dying as well in the shipping process. Also shipping could cost more then what you are paying for the chicks themselves! But be for you ship make sure your postal service is good and that they tell you when the chicks come in. Good luck!
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    Not all hatcheries have a minimum of 15 or 25!! Meyer and My Pet Chicken for instance have a minimum of 3. During the colder months it is 15 but most of the year it is 3.

    As for local vs online, at a farm store like TSC, Agway, etc or your local feed store they should be about the same but a lot of breeders have better quality birds. And like was said above, hatcheries breed large quantities so make the money back. Some local farms though may have hatchery stock and just chose to breed them and so I don't know of I'd pay more for that. But a specialty breeder of certain breeds or show quality birds, rare breeds, etc. Etc. Will charge more. Believe certain breeds and breeders are considered heritage breeds. Generally most local breeders will have better quality birds and perhaps even show quality and they put a lot of time and effort into the birds and therefore charge more. But you have to really look for good breeders, maybe try on this website, or go to shows, cause a random farm may jist be hatchery stock. But some hatcheries have really good birds.

    I got my birds from Meyer Hatchery and I love them

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