only God s creation

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    Wow!!!! Would have been so much more impressive if that was narrated by a biologist instead of a pastor. He'd be set if it wasn't for all those volumes and volumes of scientific evidence that directly contracted him. Is there anyway we can keep the religious crap off the forums and just stick to the birds? Just a thought,

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    Ha, Not a miracle, its evolution. The way they know which way is up is because of the physical property called gravity. Sea turtles do the same thing.

    Very interesting video though nonetheless, other than trying to relate religion to the bird.

    "Freud asserted that “religion and science are moral enemies and that every attempt at bridging the gap between them is bound to be futile” (Gay, 1989, p. xxiii). Religious practices, and belief in God, moreover, were taken by Freud as signs of obsessive neurosis, narcissistic delusion, and an infantile life outlook, and thus a dangerous threat to individual psyches and to society. They were believed to be determinative of, or indeed to reflect, an unhealthy psychological status"

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  3. thanks for your opinion on this threat. I m a Creasionist(I m also in the ministery) and lets not debate about this the moderator will not allow it but the reason I post this threat is to glorify in what I believe in which I have a testomony and also for other users on those forum which believe, my intension was not there to debate about this. But I agree next time I will think twice before I post such threat again

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    Is this about magic chickens?
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    I believe in God and that he made it all.Be it evolution, nature or science. I too dont need or want to debate any of this. When we all die it sure will be interesting who was right and who was wrong and where you stand if you never believed.I wonder if Sigmunds in hell or not. I wonder about magic chickens, I wonder about alot of things. Everyone wonder about my post as well. [​IMG]
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    In the few thousand years that humans have been around, none have any record of any kind of life just springing up from nothing. The Idea that everything in our universe just created itself is impossible. I believe in evolution to a extent, but where does the growing life force that causes it to happen come from? What sparked the natural electricity that cause all of our hearts to start beating? I could go on and on, but neither of us can fully understand or explain what we believe about creation or evolution. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. I do believe in God, but I don't believe in every religion, most are hypocritical and tell lies just to make money. I do believe in the bible and it's teaching strongly, and you have to question... if the bible isn't real, then why does the world get worse and worse as people stray further from its teachings and principles. The world has lost biblical morals, and we can all see what has happened because of it. And I also have to say, if evolution is real and we are all evolving, then science has it backwards. From what I see in the world right now, I would say we are evolving to apes rather than from apes, because humans act worse than any animal on the planet haha.
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    If it is impossible for any kind of life to just spring up from nothing in the universe, how did "God" create the universe? How was "God" created? Your first few statements contradicted the last few. The reason that religion has slowly diminished over time is due to scientific discoveries and improvements on previous knowledge. 2000 years ago, if a hurricane came, it was a plague/punishment of God because people didn't have any other way to explain it. Now that science and technology have advanced, any and all competent and educated people are capable of understanding why and how something happened. I am an engineer; I can not put a stamp of approval on designs based solely on faith. I have to have proof that they will work and have to prove it myself, or else my credibility gets ruined. What I find hard to believe is how some can believe that people can rise from the dead, have wings and fly, virgins giving birth, but those same people would call you crazy if you said tha pigs could fly, water is hard, or the sky is yellow...
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    I might add too, No I am not trying to change any of your thoughts of mind or force my opinion on you as I would expect anyone to do the same for me. If religion fulfills your life and is what you live for, continue doing it. I grew up in a Baptist church going to church 3+ days a week, from before I can remember until I was about 17, and then was enlightened with science and the physical proof of science led me astray from the church as it all made too much sense. But as I said before, I wish for everyone to live their lives how they want, as long as they dont force their lives on others or endanger anyone because of their thoughts of mind. Everyone has to have an addiction, and while it seems for many that they live solely for religion, but for me, fishing, hunting, and raising gamebirds is what I live for. No hard feelings meant, We're all BYC family members
  9. I respect your views but I have a testimony from God which no tradition can t compare with what I mean is I have expierence of a Godly revelation so no evollution guy or the wises scientist will not change my mind even if there is hard evidence there is no God because my testimony is bigger than those. The problem is, people want to compare God with fleshly views and that can work like that God is spirit it is more than flesh. For my there is a big diference between a Christian and a Child of God the one speak of love and the other just a name or just a another religeon so was there many who burn the martyrs on stake they gave their life for at the cost of nothing so for what did they die for? The answer is they had a TESTIMONY. It is easy to smoke, drink, swear, and any fleshy desire but it is not easy to do those and is not by law but by love, why because I have a TESTIMONY is more or lest the same as a marriage couple both love each other by a Testimony. Only God can save you no scientist or evolution theory can t.

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