Only one chicken left - winter!!!


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May 27, 2020
Maybe this isn’t an “emergency” question, but it sort of feels like one because I just had a chicken die and now am left with one Buff Orpington and one tiny bantam. They are healthy for now, but I’m super worried about them getting cold. I live in Montana and tonight it’s 20. It will be -20 soon enough. The bantam sleeps laying down in a nest box with straw, and the Buff perches. I worry that they cannot generate enough heat to keep themselves, or the coop warm. They are in a snap-lock coop (smaller size), in a fully enclosed run. Plenty of straw in the coop. I have put plastic up around the run so there are no drafts at chicken level, only gaps up near the roof for ventilation. During the day they get sunshine and have a heated perch and waterer. I’m just worried about nights. I’m including pics, but these are from summer when it was still in grass, and obviously doesn’t have the plastic up. Thanks for any advice.


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