Only two birds, one molting the other broody question


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Sep 9, 2008
I tried doing a search for this specific topic, but couldn't find anything similar.

We have a fairly large coop because we were planning on adding more to our flock in the future. We currently have two nest boxes.

We only have two Barred Rocks right now, both are about 2 1/2 years old. One of my girls is molting and isn't currently laying.
Yesterday I had noticed that the other girl was starting to lose feathers around her lower chest. Then tonight, when I went to go close the coop up for the night I noticed she was in the nest box instead of on her roost where she always is. We've had some wooden eggs in there for some time in the hopes that we'd get a broody girl so we can introduce chicks to her. So, my hopes are she's broody now.

So here's my question. Because I only have two girls and two nest boxes and the other girl isn't even laying right now, should I still separate the broody girl? I'm wondering if separating them might make the molting girl a little weird since she won't have any other chickens around her.

Also, neither chicken was hand raised by the woman I got them from, so they do not like being handled, so I'd like to reduce their stress as much as possible.
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