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    Jun 15, 2009
    Caledon Ontario
    2 young silkie cross roosters first crow was Sept 6th. Not loud like some can be.

    They have only been with us for 3 weeks they are very sweet.
    They love people and kids. They are two litle brothers.

    They like to be together right now but they could grow out of that.

    We hand feed them , daughter carries both around like babies.
    They relax and enjoy the ride , she shows them the best places for worms and bugs and they listen and chat. She pets them like kittens.

    These little boys belonged to our neighbour who bought them on impulse, at the Souville market while we were still building our first coop. He did not introduce them to his existing flock properly and they are very small. His big hens picked on them relentlessly so while we finished our coop they've stayed here, but we want egg layers. They were pecked and had missing feathers from their day at the neighbours but after 3 weeks they are fluffy and clean and preen up. They will grown into pretty boys.

    They free range in our backyard and go back to the run and coop at sundown. They put themselves to bed on their roost and we lock them up.
    They will be missed really but we never named them (we don't plan on naming any until they lay an egg)

    If you think you can give them a home please contact me
    Della [email protected]

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    Sep 8, 2009
    Hi there, are they still available?[​IMG][​IMG]:frow:thumbsup

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