Ooh boy, did I tick her off

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  1. carriehelene

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    Feb 9, 2009
    Capital Region NY
    My broody BJG Alice has been sitting on her eggs for 1 week today. Some of my other hens lay in the box with her and lay their eggs. Luckily I had marked the original eggs because she had like 23 eggs under her, spread over a week, because any eggs in the box, she pulls under her. So today we went out and took her off the nest. Now, I go out and pet her almost every day, and she's really good about it. She just talks to me. Today I lifted her like I always do. But this time, I started taking eggs out. She left the coop and started yelling up a storm, telling on me lol. My mom came in and said what did you do?! Good thing I did as she had pooped in the nest for some reason. Maybe she didn't get off yesterday when I was gone, and couldn't hold it anymore. What a stinky mess [​IMG] She went right over to take a dust bath, and I cleaned out her nest, and took out all unmarked eggs. 1 week down, 2 to go! I think she's gonna be a great mama.
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    IF you think THAT "ticked-off" your hen, try separating her from
    6-week-old chicks that she has hatched and raised!

    Hades hath no RATH such as THAT!!! [​IMG] [​IMG]

  4. carriehelene

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    Feb 9, 2009
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    Quote:LOL, I'm looking forward to it [​IMG]
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    My one RIR hen does that whenever I collect the eggs. Good gosh you would think that she was being attacked or something. And within seconds good ole' roo is right there to find out what's going on. [​IMG]
  6. shelleyd2008

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    Sep 14, 2008
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    Quote:LOL, I'm looking forward to it [​IMG]

    Unless she's a pouter [​IMG] My OEGB hen did nothing but mope around for months after I took her chicks away last fall.. I will never do that again! Broke my heart [​IMG]
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    My hen just dumped her babies on the floor tonight and decided to roost. They are 6 weeks old and she has been trying all week to get them up there with her. They look so forlorn on the floor with out their mama. Of course they are mostly frizzled silkies and can't fly up there. Only one of the two smooth feathered ones made it and looks quite proud of herself.

    The other smooth feathered one is probably thinking "Traitor!" [​IMG]

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