OOM-PAH-PAH Bantam Chanteclers LAD-DE-YA-YA-YAY!!!

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    I know I am suppose to be OK with winter...we get like what...TEN months of it here in Alberta? Snow in every month of the year (yes, blizzard of 2001 in August left two inches, sure it melted but the GROUND WAS WHITE!). Agh...so I will behave but I see white...all I see is WHITE right now...better I guess than seeing RED but I see white. So I did the worst thing you can do...looked at some old photos from last year...Oh well...now that I have...I remember the oom-pah-pah bands...yes, Polkas...


    Here is my gathering of F1 and F2's from my bantam Chantecler project. Yeh, yeh, lined them up on a saw horse in front of the flowering Dolgo by the pond and waterfall. Good birds too because I didn't carry them all in one trip, oh no sirree...it took three trips...so the little blighters all sat like good troopers on the sawhorse, till I got back with more...till the saw horse could fit no more's.


    Now they DO behave but they are not dead...so some will fidget. I wanted a group all sitting nicely to photograph and did manage that...but in the mean time...a few wankers had to move...they are after all some pullets and cockerels...not all well subdued over handled hens and cocks (the Cuckoo Columbian roo on the far left is dozing already... totally sleeping)...some are younger ones and they will not always behave...not just glad to doze in the sun and sit still.

    Whipper snappers, eh? [​IMG]

    So to set the mood right proper, fire up the band...the OOM-PAH-PAH band...tis Sunday, tis cold (-20C) but tis SUNNY too...feeling frisky and silly so let's get the accordions in tune, clarinets, tubas, maybe even an UNtraditional bag pipe or three to throw it off kilter...Here we go then.


    And a one and a two...

    Roll out the Barrel - (Root) Beer Barrel Polka





    Zing, boom, tararrel! Ring out the song of good cheer,
    Now's the time to roll the barrel, for the gang's all here!!!!!!!!!!!


    One more time...

    "And the gang's all here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Pass the pretzels! Yee haw!

    That'll get the blood pressure rising...the feet tapping and the fingers snapping, eh? Crashing of the cymbals...good times, eh...gooder times to come! [​IMG]

    Awake now...good...gotta go, got GREEN romaine to toss to an anxious audience of musical dancing bird brains.


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