Ooooops..It's not day 18 its day 20! Updated Pics page 4

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    May 8, 2007
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    Ok, you know you are a hatch-a-holic when this happens. I set 40 of my mixed breed eggs three weeks ago. I didn't annotate the date and over the weekend I started trying to figure out when day 18 would be. For some reason I thought I set the eggs on a Sunday so I thought today would be day 18. Last night I got lucky and happened to look at the eggs before going to bed. They were still in the turner with the humidity at 20% and there were four pips! Talk about surprised! I removed them from the turner and increased the humidity to 76%. I just got home from work and there are four tiny chicks! Looks like a bunch are pipped and I can hear a lot of peeping in the eggs.

    Im seriously going to have to rethink how I incubate. This batch was at 20% humidity the entire 20 days. Since they had pipped so strong on day 20 I thought about leaving the humidity at 20% just to see the results.....but I didn't. We'll see how many of the 36 that made it to day 20 will actually hatch.... PIC
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    I tried to do that with one egg, and the baby got stuck to the shell. It is best to have the humidity the last couple of days at 50-60%. Let us know how it goes with pictures!
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    Glad you caught that Jay
  4. ZuniBee

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    May 8, 2007
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    Me too! I can't believe I was off two days... Now for some favorite part!

    This is Mr. Jebbers... he thinks every chick that hatches belongs to him!



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    Dec 9, 2007
    OH my god how incredibly cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I wish my dogs were great with chicks, all they think about is how they taste with barbeque sauce!

    Good job!
  6. sara

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    Quote:My last 2 or 3 little hatches have only been at about 33-40% humidity from day 18 on, because my house is so darn dry, and the humidifiers are apparently not helping. The chicks have been hatching clean and quickly. I don't know that i would do it on purpose, but it seems to be working these batches. Heck I had one hatch today at 23% humidity.
  7. ZuniBee

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    May 8, 2007
    Zuni, Virginia
    Now there are 5 chicks and I can see 13 pips. This may be my best hatch yet.

    I have been getting my eggs to day 18 and then for some reason a lot of the chicks don't hatch. It seems as if the first 4 or 5 to hatch make it but the others never even pip. So after analyzing and researching the web the only conclusion I could come to was that the first chicks to hatch rolled the eggs around so much the chicks drowned in the egg. So, this time I decided to take the eggs from the turner and put them in egg cartons. I just ripped the lid of the carton off and set the eggs straight up in the carton. The first ones to hatch couldn't roll the eggs around. Guess what..... it appears to work.

    After the first four hatched another hatched and there are at least 13 more with big pips. Even if they don't hatch at least there is good progress. More on the experiment later.
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    Jay, those so sweet looking. I love your photos. Tell me what camera you are using. I got a cannon rebel for Christmas and I don't yet know how to use it well. LOL
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    Congratulations!!! GREAT pictures!!
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    That's wonderful! And your pictures are amazing! Congratulations on the hatch. I'm looking forward to updates!

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