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Discussion in 'Turkeys' started by mandelyn, Jun 2, 2012.

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    Ok, so I have a broody chicken that was sitting on duck eggs, and I decided to be nice and get her some chicks of her own species. So I bought 9 chicken chicks.

    But then, there were Turkeys, and I picked one, a royal palm. Love their look! Then decided the chicken wasn't getting that turkey, so I also picked a Narragansett poult. Then, there was this little penguin looking chick, so cute! So I bought it too, pretty sure it's a black Turkey. The seller wasn't sure and she told me it was a chicken. I don't think she looked at it very hard... it doesn't have a comb. LOL The little thing on top of the head is almost non existent compared to the other two. If it wasn't for the long legs and lack of a comb, it would look like a chicken.

    Anyways, so I have 3 turkey poults now. The seller sent along some feed to ease their switch, telling me that they're sensitive. I've heard that before.

    I have them on wire with a pad under the lamp, I heard they get sick easy and it's best to have very clean surroundings, so I sanitized everything and let it air out for awhile before putting them in.

    They still have the chickens with them because it was too chilly to see if the broody wanted the chicken chicks yet.

    So.. crash course on Turkeys? I know they'll be able to fly, they're sensitive (to what exactly?), slightly different feed requirements, they grow fast, and they get BIG. That's all I know.

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