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    i have posted before about my second emu pen....we have 2 adults and 7 chicks now the adults are females WELL we are just planning for when we pair them and seperate and sell ect but here is the shelter in the second pen......we are debating on how we should use this shelter.....people around us use three sided shelters and some just use 2 sided....this is our three sided i built all from scrap. but im having some issues on deciding whether or not to just leave it an open door......or put a door on it..... or even just a gate? ust so if i need to contain them i can.i am in PA we usually have ONE month where it can go down to sub zero but that is only acouple days here and there. just throwing that out there to get some ideas from you all! tell me what you think and show me your shelters! [​IMG]
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    I would go with a solid door like the one in the pic, I prefer them better than a screen door.
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    Having a shelter that you can fully enclose with a door or a gate (a high one) is the best way to go. As you say, you might need to confine one at some stage and you will need a stable in which to house a sick or injured emu at some stage. Great to see your effort there in the photo. Well done ! I put up various structures around the property here - following where my emu tends to 'rest'. She utilizes none of them. She will seek shelter under the small porch at the front door of the house sometimes. Talk about a mind of her own ! I should add however, that the stable I built came in very handy when she did get injured so I was very pleased to have had that there ready to use at that time. The stable was a 'just in case' project and I could not have done without it.
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    I am trying to hatch my first ostrich egg. And i really need to know is it normal for my egg to be leaking clear pinkish red fluid through the egg? And no it's not cracked.

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