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I just wanted to share my BYC page and give a list of my breeds. I hope to have my website up and going in a few weeks.

I have sold out of my laying hens that were available for now. I will have hatching eggs for some breeds starting in a few weeks. I still have some gorgeous breeder quality roosters available and will be hatching out chicks in April- September.

Breeds I will be selling for 2009

Blue/Black/Splash True Ameraucanas

Blue Wheaten/Wheaten Ameraucanas

Cream Brabanters

Copper Black Marans (I have 2 lines-one has superior egg color, the other is a touch nicer conformationally with eggs ranging a 5-6)

Easter Eggers (White, Olive, blue and green layers) (Ameraucana or Copper Black roos)

Possibly some Wheaten Marans

Next season I will be adding

Lavender Peacombs (call them EEs or non-accepted Ameraucanas)

Golden Cuckoo Marans

Blue Laced Red Wyandottes

Thanks for taking a look. I have met some wonderful customers who have come to my farm to buy started and mature stock. I can't wait to begin selling eggs and chicks!

Any feedback would be most appreciated regarding the BYC page.

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