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May 14, 2015

I have three 6 week old Cochins that we intended to hand off to an egg farm...but have fallen in love with and will be keeping long term. I know very little so far about the ailments of chickens (but quickly learning!).

One of my girls today has started breathing with her mouth open. It's not all the time, more often when I pick her up and hold her. She's not hot or dehydrated.

I'm a little concerned that it could be something more serious and I just don't know the symptoms.

Any advice on what to watch for, how long until it might be more serious, etc.. would be so helpful!

Currently, they're living inside in a very very large box, but spend a few hours outside daily in our backyard digging up bugs. I'm in Houston, TX so it is pretty hot, humid and lately had some flooding. I don't know if any of those things affect them.

Thank you SO much for any advice! So excited to start my little flock!

P.S. At what age do you typically begin de-worming them? Any suggested brands/types?
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Mr Beaks

6 Years
Jan 13, 2015
Valley Springs, Ca.
Congratulations on your new flock! Let me start by saying I'm new as well and don't have any Cochins But I do have 11 chicks & chickens of various breeds and they do pant in hot/humid weather. Also, my Easter Egger is quite shy/skittish and still parts her beak or pants whenever I pick her up. She is just over 1 year old. As far as what to watch for..I'm still learning so I'll leave that for someone with experience to answer :) Good luck with your flock and enjoy!

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