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Jun 24, 2013
I have two coops total of 8 feet long, they are butted up to one another with a wall seperating them and a opening leading from one to another. There is enough room for them all to fit in both but they are all wanting to roost in the one and not spread out. My question is should i just scrap the whole in closed coop idea and build some roosting bars inside the enclosed run? The sides of the run are just wire, so nothing to stop the wind or rain from blowing on them. However there is a tarp on the top of where the proposed roost bars would be (the roof of the run is wire as well) but nothing solid wood or tin etc. Any thoughts?
Looks like you live in Alabama? You should be able to have success with an open air coop. You can search for ideas on this site. You should make sure they have plenty of shade since your summer temps would be so high. If you get terrible temperature swings on the winter consider blocking the wind.
Yes South ALA, to be exact. The winters very year to year. Someone told me as long as i have something to block the wind that would come from the north off them and a roof a good tarp would be fine for a wall and roof. But does any one think i should have three sides blocked instead of just the north side?
Depends on which way the bad weather blows in and which way the front would face. I have a three sided run-in shed, screened front opens to the west. Allows breezes in the summer, but keeps the worst weather out. Also will allow/provide some solar heat in the shed in the winter.

The back of one half I built a solid coop on so if the winter is terrible they have some place to go. Noticed that in the late afternoons they go in there to get out of the sun. I plan to put up shade cloth next spring.

Do you know enough about how the weather hits your place? I live in high altitude desert and had to plan for 90+ F summers and below 0 F winters.
Honestly never really paid that close of attentin to it. But thinking about it the worst winter weather comes mainly from the northwest or west direction.
didnt think of that i will pay attention on the way home. the coldest it gets here in the winter is about upper teens but that maybe a 5 night max usually our winter temps average mid 20's lower 30's, but again no more than a week max at a time we just dont have long cold spells.
Or does it honestly matter that they are all piled in there with each other, since they only go in there to sleep at NIGHT? My run is 22ft long10 ft wide with a extra run off the side of the main that measures 11ft long by 8 wide. I clean the coop out as needed, so im wondering if it really matters that much?
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It probably doesn't matter a lot, but if you can give them an option for some good cover you will sleep a lot better on those nights it turns nasty. But I'm generally a prepare for the worst case scenario before you need it rather than average conditions kind of person.

Do make sure they have shade in the summer.
Yeah im the same i always prepare for the worst and think of as many of the worst case i can. There run is in a wooded area, but i still have a 10x10 tarp over a section so they can stay shaded. Thanks for the input

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