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Mar 11, 2008
Is it true once you see the first sign of hatching you should not open the bator?

When do you take the chicks out that have hatched?

Any help on this stage of this process would be very helpful as tomorrow is day 18 for me on my very first hatch.

Thank you for your help!
Opening the lid causes a sudden loss of humidity and heat that is needed by the chicks. They can chill quickly and this can cause a loss of the life of a yet to hatch chick.

On day 18 stop turning, get the humidity up to 65% - 70%. Close thelid and sit on your hands! Seriously. Hands off. Mother nature needs time to work her magic.

Once hatched the chicks can stay in there 24 hours. Once you have several hatches and the chicks are dry and fluffy and it is getting crowded you can move quick as lightening and pop out a chick and get it right into the warm brooder.

But I must repeat you and those chicks will have a better outcome if you just leave it closed and watch from the other side of the window and keep your hands in your pockets.

These last few days are the ones that test your patiences and cause you to question your sanity. LOL
Its alright if you open it for a few seconds, I had to to move am eggshell to see the thermometer. But don't open it nearly as long as when you're candling. And good luck with your hatch:D.

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