Operation Shed to Chicken Coop! Take A Look! Suggestions WELCOMED!


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Jun 16, 2012
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I've got an old shed that was here when we moved in, we had it moved and had power run to it. It already has a doggie door in the side [I guess from the previous owners dog]

It's pretty beat up, and we suspect that it's probably as old as the house is, but it's still functional and once we had it moved, our electrician ran power to it, so I have lights and working outlets [would be great for winter! I could hang a brooder lamp if it gets too cold outside, though we're on the Ocean in NC so it's probably never going to be THAT cold out]

Anyway, the hubby told me to move all of my chicken stuff into it, so I'm going to take that as an OK to turn it into a coop...but I know that he really meant it as a nudge that I should start rearing my chickens out there instead of the back bedroom!

So, it obviously needs some work, and I'm going to have to figure out ventilation and the works.

There's insulation in places, but I have a ton of plyboard in the garage that I can use to patch and rehang on the walls in there.

Other than that, I don't know how else to turn this into a coop! I'd also like to know if I need to put down linoleum tiles on the floor or if the wood is ok? I want to try the deep litter method in there for winter.

I turned it into an emergency shelter for when the hurricane was coming, but the chickens were fine in their regular coops.

Any advice, expertize or suggestions are welcome!! I've got no idea what I'm doing here! lol

Cover the rest of the insulation so the chickens cant tear into it. Put shavings on the floor, attach some nest boxes to the wall, and move em in............Then improve as you see a specific need.
Looks like a great start for a nice coop to me! I can't help you much, but our coop is similar. It was an 8x8 shed "kit" my husband bought and put up. He cut in a chicken door, installed an attached run, cut in a window, added roosts and nesting boxes and wah-lah....we have a chicken coop! Ours has a wood floor and it's fine....so don't worry about putting in linoleum. Yes, you'll have to plug up any holes and cover the insulation and provide some ventilation. Good luck!! Hope you have some help. It will be a lot of work!
Actually, at this point I don't even have a saw...ill have to save some money and hire my contractor crew back for the day, I don't even have a table saw.

First step would definitely be covering up the exposed insulation, and the electrical boxes, I've gotta get a dog door cover so I can close the doggie door at night.

Then we will put in a window and nesting boxes. It'll be a ton or work, but totally worth it for the chickens to have all of that room to sleep!
Such a shame you want to bring in contractors......
If you need something cut, if you measure first, the hardware store will likely cut for you... Then all you need is screws and a drill with a bit. ( trust me, se screws... Nails are really hard to remove if you make an error) :lol:

You can do it!
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Well, the coop is finally finished. It took about 3 full days of work [since it was me alone setting posts and everything. I was able to come up and replicate the slide door that our little coops have so I can slide it into place securely and nobody can get in or out.

I moved my chicks in tonight...so that they can have the heat lamp heat, because it's been in the 20's at night here and some of the chicks at 6 weeks old are still very small and not fully feathered.

I'm sure there will always be something to upgrade or fix in there, but for now, it's livable and the chickens seem to like the chicken ladder I made them :)

Pictures to follow

Put down some rubber flooring for the entry way so it's easy to clean. Used the old 2x2's from the original run I tried to build to build off the floor so the litter doesn't seep out everywhere and was able to salvage the gate from the old run and use it in the new coop.

A better view of the gated entry, but I can easily get over the fence so the gate is more for "small" visitors"

An up close shot of the chicken ladder.

The fence was originally facing the other direction [the previous owners had used it to keep their dog in] So I moved it, shortened it and added 2x4's to the other side to brace the fence.
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