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    Aug 24, 2011
    what is every ones experience with the floor in the run of the coop. I have a small coop with 4x8 run outside that is enclosed. I an considering putting patio stones down for ease of cleaning. if I put a layer of straw down and rake it out and power wash the stones once in a while. I have been doing deep liter method on the dirt and being in the city smell has been an issue and not a lot of room so removing the soil just makes it deeper. I don't really want to keep adding soil so shoveling the litter and straw out of the run and putting in compost seems easier. any one here ever try this or experience with a concrete floor in the run. any input would be great.
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    Jul 17, 2011
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    Concrete is a very good base, and can be dig proof and east to clean. Patio stones will make a surface that is uneven enough to be harder to shovel out. Rubber stall mats are good, either over compacted dirt, or concrete. Mary
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    Anytime you mix water and poop you are going to not only create a mess but also increase the smell unless you can get rid of the water and dry the entire area quickly...

    I do deep litter on a concrete floor, but it has to be deep enough to support the composting, my litter is never under 10" deep in the coop, I try to keep it above 12" at all time, even up to 18" when put down fresh stuff on top that quickly compacts down...

    But, every coop is unique and you have to consider your bird per square footage load vs the amount of litter... A high bird to square footage can overcome the rate that deep litter can get rid of, so a combo of two methods might be needed... I have a 'poop tarp' under my roost that catches all the overnight poop, and that allows my deep litter to keep up since it's only dealing with the daytime poop... Basically if you see any poop caking up, layering up or clumping up on top of your deep liter you have too many birds for the deep litter to work properly..
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    Jan 16, 2016
    I think paver stones will be a big problem. Everything will stick. Better off with something smooth. I used rubber horse stall mats under deep litter shavings. Very easy to totally clean out.
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    If the deep litter is functioning properly there will be nothing to stick, at least nothing to worry about and since you should really never totally clean a deep litter base anything left on the pavers won't hurt...

    My biggest concern with pavers would be them becoming uneven and sorts making even basic removal of some compost more complicated, they would need to be laid down properly in a good compacted paver base...

    The stall mats are a great idea, I use one in my barn on top of the concrete floor with the llamas poop/pee to make for easier clean up in that area...
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    How small is the coop and how many birds? At that size run, I'm thinking not more than 3? The fact that you're having odor issues makes me think you're overloaded on your available space.

    I have a small pen that sets on a cement slab. I don't do deep liter in this pen. It's a broody pen and a grow out pen. I use a light layer of shavings, hay or straw, grass clippings, etc. Basically the same materials you can use for deep liter, but not deep [​IMG].

    It's very easy to keep clean. I simply use a square shovel and scoop everything out as needed, and replace the bedding.

    Doing that would be more difficult with pavers. The smooth cement makes it easy to pick up the bedding. A shovel won't work over the pavers the same way. You could use a manure picker, especially if your use hay or straw, but you wont' get a good down-to-the-ground clean.
  8. bugkiller

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    Aug 24, 2011
    It is a 4x8 run and only 3 birds.
  9. I use sand in my run and coop...It works great..I use a kitty litter scoop to sift out the poop...Your coop is small and it really cuts out the poop smell..

    Good luck...
  10. treefrogging

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    Sep 8, 2016
    What is the deep litter method? Is this something people do instead the coop, run or both? I use pine shavings in the coop, but put too many in last time-- so cleaning it totally out actually wasted a lot of seemingly clean shavings underneath. This time I just put one bag of shavings. Want it to be padded enough for them, but not too thick. I just got chickens and am finishing the run outside. They haven't been able to go out yet - just have grass and dirt in there. I didn't realize you'd have to clean the outside run, thought the poop would just go into the dirt? Sorry for my ignorance, I'm new to this!

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