Opinions - egg bound or stopped laying?


Apr 17, 2019
Hi everyone - I would love some opinions on my little situation with a chicken named Poo - sorry it’s long but I wanted to give you all the information. Poo is a 8-10mth old silkie bantam and was recently introduced to the rest of the silkie flock (one week ago). She and her buddies had been living in the same area as the rest but it was previously divided, they did free range together though. They have also had a coop upgrade and are sleeping in a new area (coop has a divider so the newbies sleep in their own section away from everyone else). Poo laid one egg in the new coop (box has a blocker to get them use to laying in that space) and laid eggs previously in a little puppy house that had been removed from the area.
She was showing signs of going broody when she laid her egg in the new coop but had not started doing the cluck until the next day. Poos mother also passed from laying problems (laying multiple eggs per day and passing away from being egg bound).
Poo is now on day three with no egg. She has been removed from the run and has her own little space with her old puppy house - she is happy to sit in the puppy house (broody) but nothing has been laid. I cannot feel any egg but with her mother’s history cannot rule out being egg bound. She is walking around foraging, dustbathing, etc during free time but is not as active as her usual self (broody behaviour). She has no history of soft shelled eggs. Her poops up until tonight have been well formed and normal looking - tonight seem thin and watery and her appetite is less than it usually is.
Everything to me suggests she has stopped laying from the change that coincided with her going broody. What do you think? Should I take her to the vet for an emergency appointment tomorrow? Thank you all for any advice on this one!

Lovem all

Jul 29, 2020
Have you soaked her butt? Is she acting like she wants to lay? Flexing her bum ect.
Poor little Poo

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