Opinions...male or female or too early to tell...


9 Years
May 15, 2010
North FL

...or not enough visual evidence?
How old is this bird?

Is it a Barred Rock? Do know who the parents of the bird are? Strange questions I know but it may help others that are looking at the photo to give you an opinion.
When this bird came home with us it was approximately 4 weeks old. Barred Rock that grew exponentially fast than its siblings.

Another pic of the bird in question:

Here is one of its sibling chicks, not nearly as big.

Sorry, not too hot with a camera.
I have two BR myself and I have been told that the male BR are more white then the females so I am going to tell you it is a pullet.
I'll need a little clarification on the comb question. Is that some indicator of gender or something else?
At four weeks, i'm going to say that's a boy, but i'm still not clear how old he is now. Can you clarify?

The type of comb indicates breed, not gender. Yours appear to have a single comb.

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