Opinions? Mycoplasma I'm thinking...?

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    May 20, 2016
    I'm gonna go ahead and treat with Denegard (?sp) [unless anyone has a reason I should try something else, I've been researching and that seems to be the best treatment]. Anyhow, pulley came up with one eye semi-open for a couple days, I thought maybe a scratch or something. There was no oozing, crusting and the bird acts fine. Yesterday I noticed just a little crustiness but she's still acting fine. I'm not sure if she's at the bottom of the pecking order or if the rest of the flock is shunning her a bit?
    Just wanted some more experienced eyes giving an opinion. I read you can't for sure diagnosis Mycoplasma without lab work but just trying to learn. Rest of clock is doing fine btw. And it's been about 4 -5 days since she first showed up with the problem. Sorry picture is the best I could get this am, apparently she's not very photogenic.
    Any info is appreciated! [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
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    Not sure of the exact symptoms of mycoplasma...definitely heard of it before but don't remember hearing about any connection with the eyes. Looks like your girl probably just got something in her eye or got a scratch...I would keep an eye on her for a few more days to see if it gets any better or worse. Try also to note if any of the other chickens are picking at her eye.


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