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    Nov 25, 2010
    I'm currently working on refurbishing a slant roof dog house (turning it into a coop) that is 3' wide by just a little under 4'6" long. The roof is currently shingled, however, some of the shingles are brittle and there's one spot where the shingles have broken away and the wood is exposed. In lieu of re-shingling, I'd like to just place a corrugated asphalt roofing panel over top of the existing shingles (which, according to the specific product I'm looking at, one can do this). The panels come 4' wide by a little over 6' long. I'm obviously going to have to cut the length, but, I'd like a little bit of an overhang on the sides, front and back. Would a 6" overhang on either side of the coop be too much? Too susceptible to the wind catching it and ripping it off?

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    Do you have any pics of the roof structure?
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    Once you get past the edges of the hard roof, Eggsoteric, (i.e. the board or plywood) the only advantage is in the first corrugated "ripple" or the first "down stroke" of the roofing. that is the part of the roofing that will direct the rain toward the outside of the coop/run. Outside of that, you are only adding extra weight, extra area than can cause a leak, or like you said...extra area that can catch the wind and possibly cause the whole thing to rip off in a storm. Trim the sides of the roofing as close to the substrate as possible once the roofing makes a downward swing.


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