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  1. Minaa

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    Nov 18, 2012
    Hello, I have 1 baby chicken almost 1 month old. Her brother just died from an unknown cause and I feel incompetent of raising her any longer. The rest of the flock are outside in their brooders and I feel she will be more happy with them. However she's grown overly attached to me (peeps drastically when I leave the room) and is very tamed. I am afraid that if I put her outside, her or the other chicks will not adapt to one another, also the drastic climate change and food/water supply. Because I've only chosen two chicks to raise I spoil them very much.

    Ever since her brother died she sits next to my foot whilst talking to it, its cute however it makes me feel upset.

    Either let her go outside with the other chickens (Not your state of the art habitat) or
    Stay with me / house chicken

    I don't really know much about chickens besides the basic necessities, however we spend plenty of time with each other. When I play games she perches on my shoulder and watches me, when I read books to her we fall asleep together.

    I'm just afraid she will one day and some how die in my care but then again I'm afraid to let her go, once she's with the other chickens outside she is classified as tainted and I cannot bring her back in.
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    Oct 18, 2012
    How old are the other chickens in the brooder.? If they are similar in age, you can put her with them and they should get along. You don't just have to instantly put her with them.. You can put her with them for a couple of minutes everyday until they are all sure about eachother.
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    Nov 18, 2012
    The chicks outside are about the same age , there is about 30 of them and they're much larger then she is (part of why i feel incompetent of raising her). Like I said once she is outside I cannot bring her back in, I'm a modestly hygienic person and I feel as though she will be infested with lice/mice or other infestations because the brooder outside does not look clean and smells.
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    It sounds like you really do care about this chick, but you're saying the outside brooder smells and you are worried about her picking up something if you put her in there. Who's taking care of the outside chicks? If their brooder is dirty and smelly it should be cleaned out and the bedding changed. If you are concerned about lice/mites you should dust the chicks and their bedding with poultry dust (ask at your local feed store).
    You'll have to decide if you want a house chicken or if you are going to put her out with the others. It's going to get harder the longer you put it off. House chickens are messy, so you'll have to make her a diaper and clean and change that often. You'll also have to be prepared to be this chicken's companion so she doesn't get lonely. Chickens are social creatures and they don't like being alone. In the coop with other chickens is the best place for them in my opinion.
    If I were you I'd introduce her slowly to the rest of the chicks. If you can take out a few of the chicks and her put her down with them for awhile, let them get to know each other and then if they all get along put her and them back in the brooder with the others. Chicks are nowhere near as aggressive as older chickens and she should fit it without hassles. She'll get used to the situation and you can still visit her and play with her.
    You shouldn't feel incompetent because you lost a chick. It's happened to nearly all of us. Chicks die for all sorts of reasons and often the cause is beyond our control. As long as you keep them warm and well fed, make sure they have clean water all the time, have a comfortable brooder that gets cleaned out regularly and practice some pest and disease control they should be fine. If you want to learn more about chick care have a look in the Learning Center. There is a ton of good info there.

    Good luck with your chick and the decision!
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    I agree with sumi - I don't think it has to be an either/or propostion. You can gradually introduce her to her brooder mates and an attachment with them will start to form. I admire your love and dedication to your chick! Good luck to you!

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