Opinions on coop viability???

IMHO its to small, I think you would be better off to build one yourself. Is there any job sites you might could get scrap lumber from around you? There are some that have built there coops from free pallets. Once you get into raising chickens it becomes an obsession and you will want more and more just ask anyone on here. Good luck to you..
When I was looking at housing for my chickies I looked at thos (but the bigger variety just like them). I ended up going with one of the.....oh, can't remember the name, but the ones that Home Depot builds for you. It was a lot more expensive but sooooooooooo nice and I just make payments on it.
I agree with countrygirl! It is "going" to be to small. You will want more chickens and your not gonna be able to stop yourself. It is an addiction, trust me. I started out with 8 and soon I will have 50....go figure
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If you know where they are building houses, often the foreman will give you permission to scavenge their dumpster or burn pile. You may come away with enough to half build the coop for free. This "Firetower Coop" we built came from ONE truckload of scrap wood from a log home being built. The only things we bought were the roll roofing and the paint since I wanted the forest green and burgandy scheme and we didn't have those on hand. The interior floor space is about 27 sq ft and it cost a total of about $65 to build, not counting the attached pen.



When I move I can get more, unfortunately getting more won't be a possibility until I do move so I was just looking for something that would be fine for four birds. I will attach a run to it as well.
Start looking in your local trading papers. I have found 2 of my coops for $100 each. One was an 8x8x10 and the other is a 10x12x12.One is wood and the other is aluminum. All I had to do was have them moved. Called a local boy who has a rollback service and he picked them up and delivered them to me for $40 each.
Gee, that's still pretty expensive!

And you would have to put a considerable amount of work into it, I think, because it is basically totally lacking in ventilation, and especially for such a tiny coop you will really NEED good ventilation, yes even in the winter. Also, being plastic or vinyl or whatever, it will have even worse ventilation issues than a coop made of wood would.

Just an observation.

you can get free stuff by subscribing at freecycle (google it) and join your local group

I "hunt" at the local garbage dump. I drop off a bag of garbage (they officially don't want people picking for liability reasons) and poke around. This works better in small rural communities than city dumps. got lots of 2x4's that way (if you pull out the nails)

farm auctions are good places to get a pile of lumber cheap.

Lumber yards may have stuff they almost give away if it's weathered or crooked. Some manufacturing places (aircraft, auto, furniture) transport stuff in wooden crates. I picked up beautiful plywood behind an aircraft plant.

If it'll stay put consider straw bale covered in concrete. with a window to the south it'll be warm in winter and with the right overhang of roof over window, will be cool in summer. cheap and fast to build. google straw bale construction or check out mother earth news, lots of archived articles there

because its not a house you can insulate with almost anything, i.e. foam packing peanuts, straw, wood shavings, etc.
I feel your pain. I am most certainly NOT a carpenter and wouldn't know where to begin building from scratch. I've been looking for a shed to convert also and have found the best prices at Sutherlands.

I'm specifically looking for wood though. It'll be easier to frame in windows & cut in ventilation. I'm also looking for something quite a bit bigger, thinking 8 x 12 maybe.

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