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Jun 14, 2017
Rio Medina, Texas
Hello! We're new here, although I've been reading these threads for quite some time now. I have a small flock consisting of all different breeds (Ameraucanas, Marans, Barred Rocks, EE's, a Polish Rooster, and the chicken I'm curious about, a Croad Langshan). Only the EE and the Barred Rock are old enough to lay, the rest are around 2-3 months old, but my Langshan has to be around 5-6 months old (they didn't tell me how old she was but that she was close to laying age). I guess I don't have a specific question about the breed, but more curiosity of everyone's opinion of them. I've noticed not many people have them in their flocks. Let me tell you, this is the sweetest chicken of the bunch. I honestly bring her inside often and she'll perch on a chair while I clean or cook, very docile and does well around my Great Dane when the other chickens run for their lives. It's really interesting and I was wondering if anyone else has had the same experience or if my chicken is just an odd duck. Please feel free to post pictures of your Lanshans and their eggs as well, I've heard mixed things about the bloom and the shades they lay (whether they be pink/purple, or light brown/dark brown). I'm excited to see what she'll bring to the table, pun intended ;)

There's my Langshan and my White Crested Polish Rooster... He's a hoot. Also a photo of our egg colors that we're getting so far from the EE and the Barred Rock :)

Thanks in Advance!
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Sep 29, 2014
New Zealand
My Mum has a black Langshan and she is the most docile, sweet, calm bird ever with huge, soulful eyes. My young son calls her 'the sad eyes chicken'. She loves the kids, doesn't mind them patting her or hugging her. Just a beautiful, regal, gorgeous bird.

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