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    My eldest brother and I have tried to help my mom quit smoking for YEARS (patches, hypnosis, doctor prescribed antidepressants leading up to quitting attempts, etc.). She's had successes for as long as about a year after each attempt, but has always fallen off the wagon and gone back to her addiction. She has emphysema and sometimes has to use oxygen to help her sleep comfortably, yet she still smokes, which is very upsetting to us. Not only would we like her to be around for many more years, but honestly, it makes it difficult to visit for more than a day or two because the smoke and smell affects my eyes and sinuses so badly. So since my last visit home, I've been looking up information on E-cigarettes.
    For those of you who have tried these, or who've had family/friends who use them, what can you tell me??? Pros and cons would be great. Thank you so much for any input!!!
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    From my DH's point of view - a waste of money. Extremely hard to draw from. He'd run the charge on the battery (filter) completely down, just trying to get a full drag. Not like smoking a real cigarette at all.
    The brand he tried was Le Cigs.

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