Opinions on my BLR hen?


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Mar 4, 2010
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This is my BLR hen, Kat. She's not even a year old, but has already been broody and I want to get a BLR roo and breed her. Critiquing please!

She kind of looks like the black laced variety on her neck but then lightens up along her body... weird. Took this pic a couple hours ago.

Added more pics.

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Yeah I kinda had to get them quick... and it's dark out and that's with the red heat lamp on. I'll post more tomorrow. With natural sunlight. That is... if she hasn't lost all her feathers. She started molting.

The second one you can see better.
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New pics... Sorry they aren't great. She was giving me a hard time because she wanted to go eat.





I am thinking of showing her and want to breed her so anything is appreciated.
I'm sorry to say she really does lack the appropriate lacing to show. It's hard to tell from the pics what her body type is like. Pics can be deceiving, compare her to the pics here http://www.paulspoultry.com/blr.html for color, lacing, and body type. I would point you to the Wyandotte breeders of America site but the BLR hen on there has a really poor tail. If you look on the Paul's silver laced page, the hen on the right under "The American Silver Laced Wyandottes" has a really nice tail (and body for that matter).

Your hen's red is really nice though, very rich. That will be good to pass along since some BLRWs are very brassy.

Blue Laced Reds in general have a long way to go, especially in body type, to catch up with other varieties when it comes to conforming to the body standard for the Wyandotte breed.
I hate to be discouraging, but I wouldn't show her. It's looks like her body type isn't the best and her lacing certainly leaves a lot to be desired.
Can you see the difference in lacing and body type on your bird and this one of mine?
that BLRW hen on the Wyandotte breeders site is actually one of Pauls Poultry hens....might just be a bad picture.
Thanks all... firedove, since you're getting some soon and after the other person takes her pick, we will see what happens there. Yeah her lacing is pretty thin. I'm wondering if it might chcnage with her molt?
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"that BLRW hen on the Wyandotte breeders site is actually one of Pauls Poultry hens....might just be a bad picture"

Are you sure Rebecca?? You sure know my birds.
Actually I appreciate this thread. I realized that I should put up a better example of a blr hen. So I did.
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