Opinions on my jr Mini Rex please


12 Years
Aug 11, 2007
Here are some pictures of my two jr Mini rex. These are the two I kept from my favorite pair. Let me know what you think, both good and bad. I have a really hard time posing them and taking the picture. I can get them looking perfect but as soon as I pick up the camera they have moved a foot or something. When I take too long they get impatient and won't be still any longer. These are the best of the 30+ pics I took of the two of them. I tried to include top, side, and back views, I got a face view of the doe but not posed.

The buck - Smith's Dexter - broken black


I know I rotated that when I resized it, but it went back to sideways again.

The doe - Smith's Jazz Hands - broken black
Not a good posed picture of her - she kept pulling back with her back legs and pushing her butt backwards, trying to back away from my hand.



(labeled this picture as the buck, but realize its the doe, his nose is black, hers has white on it.)
I found a couple more of her taken a few days ago but I don't have them resized and don't have time at the moment to do it. I will post them tomorrow. Shows her posed better, a posed face, butt and top pic of her as well.

I have some of my mini lops I am going to post tomorrow too.
I don't really know rabbits, but they are beautiful! Reminds me of the inkblots game. I have a cat marked similar! Very pretty.
They look beautifully rounded to me (if they are supposed to have meat build, they aren't my breed) and the coats look gorgeous in the photo. Can't really evaluate coats without hands-on, but visually, they really look good.
The buck looks really nice. The topline is great! I really like the way it starts up right behind the shoulder and continues a nice curve all the way to the tail. He looks to have good depth too.

You may want to take a look at his body length. In the picture he looks just a bit long. If you pose him, you should be able to put a finger right at the back of the ribs and touch the hip bones. If you can put two or more fingers in there is is long. Judging from the picture, I would say that is minor if he is long at all. My daughter has shown some that looked longer than this buck and did well.

As you said the doe didn't pose well for the picture so it is really hard to comment on. We have had many that do that to us. Some of them actually turn out to be very nice when they decide to pose properly. Here head and ears appear to be nice and balanced.

Due to the pose of the doe, she does give a good example of long shoulders in comparison to the buck (again, this may just be due to the pose).

Both have nice markings.
I am going to aim for getting some better pictures at the beginning of next week of the doe. Of course I have taken the last week off of working with them to pose so we might be back to square one. Over all I am very pleased with these two kits. The buck was my keeper, the doe, just didn't get sold with her two litter mates and I never got around to re-advertising her. But she has turned out better then I thought she would. I was so looking forward to the repeat breeding that was born last Saturday. Unfortunately I got three peanuts and a solid black it. Peanuts died, if the black is a nice looking bunny it stays. I was hoping for a few juniors to show in the summer/fall.

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