Opinions on Octagon 20 incubator


10 Years
Sep 3, 2009
Prescott, Ontario
Looking for opinions on the octagon 20 and octagon 40 incubators. I think this may be the incubator for me, but I would like some opinions before I make a purchase.
Thanks all.
Love it, love it, love it.

I have the Octagon 20 Eco. Set it and FORGET IT! Well, except for turning, lol, I don't have the auto turning. I find it does a lot better if you set it, and then don't fuss with it at all.

Mine holds temps very well, and I have gotten GREAT hatches out of it.
I have the ECO 20 with autoturn cradle and I love it for several reasons... it's reliable, extremely easy to clean, holds temp and humidity well, very easy to use, and takes up little space.

I have 4 GQF Sportsman 'bators but will be using my Brinsea for my next batch of eggs as there are only about 20 eggs and I don't want to fire up the big cabinets for such a small batch. I'm quite confident that the eggs will do just as well in the Brinsea.

Good luck with your purchase, whatever you decide on!
Buying an incubator should come with a warning that incubating eggs is VERY addictive! I started with the Brinsea ECO 20 and now (only a few months later) have 4 large GQF cabinet models.

Hope you let us know how your hatches go when you get your new incubator!
I have the 20 advance with cradle. got that instead of the eco because of a good price on ebay. Really not a big advantage over the ECO. These are excellent incubators for the small hobby breeder. The tray can hold an honest 26 chicken eggs but it would be more than a little tight with a hatch of more than 15 or so. See my pics on todays thread with 15 average size chicks in a 20. Very happy with mine.

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