Opinions on Rooster Breeds Needed Please!

Discussion in 'General breed discussions & FAQ' started by Carrie31, Jun 2, 2016.

  1. Carrie31

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    Jul 9, 2014
    We bought ten straight run birds from a local farm supply store, knowing that some would most likely be roosters. Turns out, 7 of them are roosters! Obviously, keeping seven roosters isn't an option- our hens would suffer the consequences for sure, lol! We will only be keeping one, possibly two. We have two Araucanas, one that we were told was an Araucana, but is totally different colored than the others (two are a beautiful black and white, with splashes of brown, the other has the chipmunk coloring.) We have one Black Australorp, and THREE Rhode Island Red roos.
    I should also note, in keeping one or two, we are looking at trying to hatch our own eggs. We have Black Australorp females that are broody as can be. For that reason, I am leaning toward keeping the Black Australorp, My husband and youngest daughter are adamant that we keep one of the Araucanas- my daughter has named it Chewbacca, lol!
    My question really is this, and it's very important to me...which breed of the three is known to be friendliest, both with people, and with hens? I have a peaceful, quiet flock, that has been rooster-less up until now. I'm nervous about rocking the boat at all, to be honest. I have to know that whatever rooster(s) I keep they aren't going to upset my hens, chase my kids, etc.
    Opinions, please? ( I have heard NOTHING good about RIR roos- I think the option of keeping them is off the table! They aren't even fully mature yet, and are already aggressive.)
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    Apr 30, 2016

    My Araucana and Ameracauna roosters always turn out mean! They flog me and almost killed one of my hens! She died a few days later because of infection. I haven't had a australorp rooster but someone i knew did and he was the most gentle rooster! But every rooster is different i had a Rhode Island Red that i had for years he never attacked me or was too rough with the hens. He died saving them from a dog! I currently have one Ameracauna that i have to keep in a pen. He doesn't seem too bad aggressive with me but i don't want to risk it! I would say keep the Australorp. I have heard that handling a rooster too much can make it aggressive which i can't understand! But i have noticed i have handled every rooster that has been aggressive.i never touched the Rhode Island Red but never put down the Araucanas! Good Luck! :)

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