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    Today I received shipped duck eggs, and two were smashed. Being a homeschool momma, we took them outside to examine the contents (my son's first experience with duck eggs). One was definitely fertile, and quite a bit developed, yikes! The other, well, I am struggling to tell if it is or not. Any opinions?

    I am a bit worried about the viability with this hatch. This might be two disappointing hatches in a row...ouch ($$). Starting to get a bit discouraged.
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    Yes on the fertility and yikes on the development. [​IMG] to a fellow homeschooler. We homeschool as well. That is how we got into chicken keeping....lol Shipped eggs can be costly and very disspointing. I hope you can at least get a couple hatchers.
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    Thanks :)

    I was hoping to hatch a few Ancona Ducks, but of the eight eggs I received, I am down to six, and two of those are cracked. I am going to have to start taking vacations...and pick up hatching eggs on the return trip. ;)

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