Opinions wanted on treadle feeders


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Aug 22, 2016
does anyone gave experience with these type of feeders? Hoping to keep out other birds and rodents....

no experience with these types of feeders.

You can also try to raise the feeder off the ground...hang it to help keep rodents out of it. Also picking it up at night so the rodents don't have ANY thing to eat would be good too.
I am subscribing to learn more....just watched some youtube videos on treadle feeders. Do they really keep out mice?
I have raised the feeders, rodents get into them anyway, and I do take them in at night, but rodents are out during the day too. Other birds like crows and sparrows that carry mites access it too....thought maybe this would help all issues....but wondering if they really work as they look....
yikes....rodents during the day...I'd fix them with a bb gun.
They are hard to get rid of.
I bought a treadle feeder and I loved it... until today when I caught the resident squirrel in my coop eating out of it. Little shit. I wish I could shoot him. I HATE squirrels!
I've got my no mess feeding bucket in a doghouse and the squirrels haven't found it yet. Is your feeder in the open?

Annie - BB guns will work on squirrels. All you need is a little practice. Unlike golf...
Feeder is in the coop, but it's open to the run during the day.
Yeah, I'd love to shoot the little turd. I can shoot. Just illegal here.
I guess I could be quiet about it.
You tube is your friend. Also, the best way to keep a secret is don't tell anyone.

The squirrels around my place drop from lead poisoning. Durndest thing. They shouldn't ingest lead. And they are made of protein.

My current crop of dogs like to chase them, but not during nap time, eating time, if it's too hot, if it's too cold, sometimes the sun is too bright or maybe they are just taking a day off. From what, I don't know. The wild bird seed just doesn't last long. Bird seed appears bad for their health too.

Funny thing about the dogs, they are VERY interested in the chickens. We keep having talks about job responsibilities. I don't think they are taking me seriously.

On a bright note, haven't seen opossum in the backyard. The one in the front yard didn't stick around.

If you need an alibi, we never had this conversation.

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