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    Ok say you purchase a group of chickens for a great price that you think are 4 pullets and 1 cockerel. They look and feel to be overall healthy. You let them settle in for a day and realize that you have 2 cockerels (I guess it was wishful thinking). You decide to sell the one cockerel. Someone inquires and you tell them you just purchased the bird and don't need the extra roosters. They report your ad to the admin of the page. Did I do something wrong? I don't normally just flip chickens, I have been steadily growing a flock mostly from hatchlings. I have sold a few here and there that show that they won't work for my program as they mature. I am kind of distraught over the whole thing. Worst part is that I know the people and they never said a word to me about it.
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    I'd wait til the admin contacts you then explain to them what has happened. Some people just like to stir the pot
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    Sorry for your bad experience, not sure of the full story but you surely didn't need two roosters, I'd of rehomed one too. Don't let this ruin all of the good on this site, it is so helpful and so many kind people willing to help in any situation. I feel at times people can be rude too but if you don't ask questions you will never learn, any good teacher can tell you that. Chin up and enjoy your chickens. :hugs

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