oppinions if GQF sportsman incubator?

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    what are your oppiions on this incubator, what works for you and what dosent ( im talking about the smaller one with the clear doors) does it do its job well? tell me what you think about it [​IMG] and if you could choose between that and a hovabator genisis 1588 which would you choose ( not thinking about price, solely on preformance)
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    I have no clue, but I'm gonna bump you in case someone else that has a sportsman sees this. I know there are some on here that have it, so good luck.
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    Based on performance alone, both the GQF Sportsman and the Genesis work very well. I get 100% hatches out of both of them. I have 2 Genesis and the 1502 Sportsman. I use the Genesis when I am only doing small hatches or testing fertility. During peak hatching season, I incubate in my Sportsman and move the eggs to hatch in the Genesis'.

    If you want to hatch a lot of eggs, go with the Sportsman. If you just need a bator that works well for 40 eggs or less, go with the Genesis.

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    You can't go wrong with Sportsman. We have 2.

    They hold temp rock steady, aren't subject to drafts or changes in room temp.
    Get the auto water bucket, you don't have to open the door to fill it.
    You can get all the spare parts from GQF

    Our oldest one is 3 ot 4 years old and I have never done anything with it other than clean it out at the end of the season. Never had to change the temp setting it came with, the box of spare parts I bought - heating element, fan, turner motor still sits unopened.

    Steve in NC

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