oppossum after my chicks!


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Sep 11, 2009
Last night we heard my chicks freaking out. They are in a covered and enclosed (and locked) patio on the side of our house in a cage. When we went out, there was an oppossum banging his head into the side of the cage trying to break through to get at the chicks! There is a small hole under some of the posts which must be how he got in. I want to go board up the holes but I am not positive that he actually left! We brought the girls into the bathroom for the night. I truly thought they would be safe in there, it is basically like having them in a garage, but I guess if they want in they will find a way! Poor girls were scared stiff.
hardwire fence on top of whatever other fencing you have. it's a pain in the butt big time to unroll etc but it's soooo worth it!
I'm not sure if it makes a difference but I have a coop that is four feet off the ground on stilts. It is attached to an 8x18 run fenced in and with nest boxes and feed/water.
In the 4 years I have had the coop, I've never had one problem with any critters digging under the fence or bothering the coop at night. I do close it up after they roost and close the wire door to the pen but during all that time not one predator has bothered the ladies.
I have coons and possum in the yard constantly, passing through and sometimes eating cat food my wife leaves on our front porch, I've had coons catch hens that were either left out overnight or didn't coop up with the others, and one time even surrounding two of the hens just at dusk. But never had one even remotely bother the elevated coop.
I do think it makes a big difference to have the coop elevated and out of the range of ground oriented critters.
Anyone else out there experience that?
i had a coon climb 8 feet up a plywood wall and sqeeze through a 4 inch wide 10 inch long opening and take a hen with him. caught him in a live trap two days later with a honey bun

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