Oral injury in toulouse goose


Sep 26, 2020
I noticed some swelling under my goose's chin today so I checked out her mouth to make sure she didn't eat anything ridiculous, like they do, and what I found was odd. It almost looks like the fleshy bit under the tongue (lingual frenulum) was torn and is possibly infected? I don't have a lot of veterinarian options in my area for geese specifically, and I'm trying to get a general idea of what it is before committing to a visit.

She has also been a bit low and slow today, not eating much, and not very sociable. Her gander has stayed extra close to her too, making me think he knows she's not feeling well. I've included a photo, its not great but she was not happy and it was the best I could do with limited hands XD.
Thank you in advance :D.


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Jul 19, 2016
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I honestly have never seen anything like that before, and it's hard to really gauge what's happening with one picture. Could you get another hand, and try to take a few more pictures? Have you tried moving it with a pair of tweezer's, or is it stuck?

It would be in her best interest to have her taken to a vet, so they can take some swabs of her mouth, and do some cultures and sensitivity to identify the problem bacteria, and do a sensitivity to test to see which antibiotic would be most helpful if it is infected.

How is she doing today? Still not eating drinking as much? How do her poops look?

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