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    I purchased (5) new baby chickens early in the spring and little by little I have been introducing them to my other (5) chickens that are just over a year old. I have one older chicken (Lily) that is just "mean" to the younger chickens. How do you break a chicken from being mean? Lily chases the younger ones all over the yard to peck at them and when in the coop she corners them to peck at them. I had a wall made of wood and chicken wire for a couple of weeks that separated them in the coop but allowed them to see and smell one another...I have since removed the wall so that the younger chickens could go outside at will but Lily will not let them leave the space that they were originally quarantined to. I would like for them to commingle and go between the coop and fenced yard at their leisure but that does not seem to be happening.
  2. Put mean Lily in the separate pen for a week and then try letting them all together.
    It should work out then?
    Pecking order needs to be set.
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    I'd suggest you remove Lily from the other chickens for a week or so the other chickens will forget about her and when you put her back into the coop with the other chickens she'll be lower in the pecking order and doesn't have the right to boss anybody around. I hope this works! [​IMG] But as chickens really said they need to establish their pecking order. [​IMG]
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    Thank you, I will try that. She has been terrible to many of the chickens so this may be exactly what she needs.
  5. Make sure they can see each other but not touch. Other than that you will be back too day one again.

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