Orange Dropping/Diarrhea

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  1. I have a black Silkie hen who is aging, and if I had to guess I'd say she is nearing 4 or 5 years old. Lately her droppings are orange and runny. It isn't watery, but its about the consistency of baby food... you know the processed carrot kind. Its also rusty or orange in color.

    I've looked at the Merk Veterinary manual at Coccidiosis, and a few other possible illnesses, but none list orange droppings as a symptom. I've also done a search on this forum, and someone mentioned in a previous post that it may be Coccidiosis. However, again the Merk manual didn't list this as a symptom in any version of Coccidiosis.

    The birds were wormed a few weeks ago, and at least a week ago I did treat them with Sulmet after bringing them home.

    Any other ideas?
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    did you do a full treatment of Sulmet?

    it still sounds like cocci to me...

    cocci droppings can be different colors..and not all the symptoms match up with the books exactly as stated..

    what did you use to worm?

    is she having any respiratory symptoms?

    what all is she eating?
    does she free range?
  3. Yes I did a full treatment, 2TBS to 1 gallon water for 3 consecutive days. New batch every day.

    She is eating layer pellets and gets crushed egg shells for extra calcium. She was having troubles with "sandpaper" texture eggs.

    No free ranging at all, she's a show bird and stays on shavings.

    Couldn't tell you what she was wormed with, her previous owner wormed her just before I got her. Probably Wazine.

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