Orange POOP?!?!?

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    I have attactched 2 pics of my girls poop this morning. It has an orange color???? We drained water off her belly on Tuesday...since then she has been slowly returning to normal..eating, drinking, activity. I gave her poly-vi-sol vitamin drops this week...can that be the cause? It does not look like red blood..literally orange? Any thoughts would be appreciated![​IMG]
    And it is liquidy?
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    It might be some of the B vitamins (thiamine) or possibly the increased bile from her ascites and liver problems. Just guessing though. It's hard to tell sometimes without having a fecal float done by a vet where coccidiosis and worms can be diagnosed. Does she have symptoms of egg yolk peritonitis? Ascites can be seen in chickens with heart or liver failure, and in internal laying/egg yolk peritonitis.
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    Have you fed them any scraps? I remember once i fed a bunch of tomato pulp after we canned a ton of tomatoes, and their poop was really red and looked bloody and i thought they were dying. Then i looked at their food and made the connection. It was normal after that. I never noticed orange poop out there though.
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    Hi! She does not have symptoms of EYP but when I took her to the vet to get the fluid drained,,,she said there was a small mass in her egg tract. She stopped laying eggs a year ago, so we are suspecting some other type of mass. It doesn't appear to bother her or cause pain at this time when they examined her so we will have to see how this plays out. I did give her a round of corrid and dewormed her in October...and decided to give her another round of corrid..just to be safe. The orange poop has just been recent?
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    She has gotten some watermelon...and my neighbors little girl fed her cheese off of her pizza[​IMG]We let her know she can't share her pizza with our hen....our hen is such a mooch!!!!

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