Orange Terriaki carmelized chicken n' rice

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    Just as good as it sounds! One of our FAVE ways to eat chicken, and even better with a fresh, home grown bird! [​IMG]

    1 Whole chicken, or cut up (just make sure you have the entire bird)
    1 jar Kikomens Garlic Terriaki sauce
    4 whole oranges, 3 cut in half, 1 sliced into semi circles (for garnish)
    Rice or pasta
    Minced garlic (optional for all you REAL garlic lovers! [​IMG] )

    First cook up the bird until done completely to where the meat just falls off the bones. While your chicken is cooking, melt even amounts of butter and the Garlic Terriaki sauce together until it bubbles. Turn off heat. After the chicken is cooled, take all the meat you can get off the chicken and put it in with the sauce. Start your rice or pasta now in a seperate saucepan. Turn heat back up on the chicken and squeeze the 3 oranges onto the chicken. (Squeeze ALL the juice out! Try to get a little pulp in too. Its best that way!) Heat until 'frothy' and then reduce heat slightly. If you are adding extra garlic, now is the time to do it! Our family LIVES on the stuff, so I always add a little. [​IMG]

    Continue to cook chicken watching carefully that it doesn't burn, but don't stir too often. Avoid adding water or broth as you will reduce your carmelization and have to begin again! (The result would be tougher meat.) Turn off once the sauce has carmelized. Serve over your pasta or rice and garnish with a slice of orange for color. A little fresh salad on the plate is a nice accent finish, and a healthy one too! This is NOT a low-fat meal! This is a hearty, filling, 'just the right sweet and not too bitter' meal. My kids and DH special request this one ALL the time! [​IMG] Enjoy!
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    Yummm!!! Sounds good.[​IMG]

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