Order has been Shipped!! OMG! They Are Here ( with PICS!)...

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by catdaddy66, Feb 22, 2011.

  1. catdaddy66

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    Nov 18, 2009
    Lugoff, SC
    Ideal stated in an email that my order of 16 chicks (4 each of EE's, GSL's, BA's and Delawares) has been SHIPPED!! [​IMG]

    OMG!! I need to get a brooder ready and waiting. The folks at Ideal had asked me last week if they could up my ship date frome 3/10 to 2/23 and I said yes. Now they ship on 2/22!! I am happy and nervous all at the same time. My brooder(s) has been brought together but not put together. I have plenty of chick starter and feeders/waterers are ready to go. Plenty of paper towels and pine shavings. Also a perch or two and a thermometer. Need to put a door and vents in the new brooder, w/ hinges and a latch. Vents will be covered w/ hardware cloth. Next 2-3 days are gonna be nerve wracking. Oh, also called the P.O. today to ask for a call when the shipment arrives. I think I have my bases covered but need to get cracking on construction!

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
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  2. noblehillfarm

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    May 13, 2009
    Tyngsboro, Ma
    congratulations on the new babies it so exiting and nerve racking.I can never sleep the night before the new babies are in transit
  3. bock

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    Oct 10, 2008
    Northern CA
    Congrats! [​IMG] Mine ship tomorrow from Belt hatchery! I can just imagine them pipping right now! [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  4. M To The Maxx

    M To The Maxx Baseball+Girls=Life

    Jul 24, 2009
  5. 4kids*2dogs

    4kids*2dogs In the Brooder

    Feb 15, 2011
    Quote:Wow! I can't believe thet changed the ship date by that many weeks! I better get ready then - my peeps are due at the end of March. I don't have my brooder yet. I guess it is kind of like getting your suitcase packed for the hospital well in advance of your due date![​IMG]
  6. chickie fam

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    Jan 31, 2011
    Erwin, NC
    Congrats [​IMG] Mine shipped yesterday also! super excited for all of us expecting chicks to arrive!!! [​IMG]
  7. drdoolittle

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    Jul 30, 2010
    NE Indiana
    I have some that are shipping April 6-----glad that's when they're coming, maybe there won't be any snow on the ground by then!
  8. Kavellion

    Kavellion Chirping

    Jan 31, 2011
    Drummond, OK
    I saw the heat lamps at the feed store are sold out everyone is getting some peepers
  9. A.T. Hagan

    A.T. Hagan Don't Panic

    Aug 13, 2007
    North/Central Florida
    Had this happen to me the year before last with another hatchery. Turkey poults and chicks. They shipped two weeks before my first requested ship date. Fortunately I already had the brooder and everything in the workshop so it didn't take long to get it all set up, but I got a surprise at the feed store when I discovered they had no game bird starter. In fact not one feed store in my county did! Finally found half a bag left over at a feed store in the next county they let me have until they could order some more in for me. It was the middle of summer and the feed stores around here get their chicks and other species in about the beginning of February and usually by the end of April they're done with them.

    Since then I have everything set up and ready to go including the feed two weeks in advance as a just-in-case.
  10. catdaddy66

    catdaddy66 Songster

    Nov 18, 2009
    Lugoff, SC
    Got my brooder parts together and now they just need to be assembled! 3 boards, 2 hinges, and 1 crosspiece. Then I own chicken real estate. I hope the tenants are good neighbors and not too rowdy! [​IMG]

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