Order was fixed UPDATED !! 43 chicks 34 roos


8 Years
Mar 6, 2011
NE Wisconsin
5 Barred rocks, 5 Delawares, and 11 Speckled sussex



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Well let me see where to start how ornery I am......... hummmmmmmm could it be 43 chicks 34 roosters, yup my screwed up order, yup, the hassle and 2 month wait, yup.........
I am so mad about this entire order, all these roosters, that I have to feed now till butchering time, and they gave me a 30 dollar store credit, rediculous, so as it stands right now I have 12 hens, I bought 6 from TSC and 4 were hens, none laying yet, even out of my original order, they may be close they are 16 or 17 weeks now, anyway wanted to let you all know that if you order from Cackle or PP, pay the extra for the girls, if you want any hens because their, rooster ratio is 86% !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
5 barred rocks 4 roos
5 Delawares 3 roos
11 SS only 9 roos .....These are my favorite chickens too and I wanted at least 6 hens.....no such luck......
5 Wyandottes, 4 roosters
7 white Rocks, 6 roosters
5 BO 4 roosters
1 live SS hen first order, and my TSC chicks which are 3 EE's 2 roos, and 3 BLSL hens.

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